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Indianapolis-based Finish Line sued over hidden cameras 12.13.2011

A former Finish Line manager, David Meyer, placed hidden cameras in a ladies restroom and dressing area. Both areas were used by employees and customers alike. Meyer defends his actions stating there had been “plumbing problems” and he was trying to capture someone flushing items down the toilet. This purported explanation doesn’t really add up as last I checked plumbing was not installed in fitting rooms.


Meyer worked in Finish Line stores in both Indiana and California. A lawsuit has been filed in Northern California federal court against Meyer and Finish Line by five female employees. A camera was retrieved in a California location and is now in the possession of police.


Despite the fact Meyer admitted in the civil suit to placing the hidden cameras and acknowledges that the women were not aware of the surveillance, after investigation no criminal charges were filed by California officials. It is believed that Meyer is currently living in Indiana. Court documents reflect home addresses in Warsaw and Indianapolis.


In response to the lawsuit, Finish Line claims Meyer’s actions were “neither know to, nor in any way condoned, by the company.” The five women are suing for unspecified monetary damages with claims of invasion of privacy and emotional distress amongst others. Meyer is representing himself in the civil suit.


Under the legal doctrine of “respondeat superior” an employer is liable for the injuries caused by an employee who is working within the scope of his employment. Although the recordings, which were made between December 2009 and April 2010, were located on Meyer’s home computer, it seems his reasoning for the cameras is directly linked to the well-being of Finish Line’s business and this doctrine is applicable.


A second suit was filed when Finish Line requested its insurance provider, Liberty Mutual, assist in paying legal expenses for the first lawsuit. Liberty Mutual has rejected the claim based on the circumstances and is requesting an order from the U.S. District Court for Southern Indiana to confirm that its general business policy does not cover actions such as these.


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